At the Law Office of Martin Baker, we promise you that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are treated fairly and attain the best possible outcome in your case.

What other attorneys have to say about Mr. Baker

Chelan Vukas, criminal defense attorney

“Mr. Baker works hard to get the best results for his clients. You will not find a better criminal defense attorney with more knowledge of the law or practical experience.”

Del Bahner, criminal defense attorney

“Mr. Baker has one of the best legal minds I have ever encountered. If you’re looking for a skillful, thorough, and zealous defense, look no further.”

Julio Jaramillo, criminal defense attorney

“Mr. Baker has an exceptional grasp of the substantive law, a keen mind for the strategic considerations present in all criminal cases and possesses the personal qualities necessary to engender the trust and confidence of his clients . . . . Whether he is representing a client in a misdemeanor case or a death penalty trial, there is little doubt that the client will receive top-notch professional representation.”

Lindsey Bannerman, family law attorney.

“Mr. Baker is knowledgeable and approachable. He has a great command of criminal law and is able to explain all options available in a way that makes it easy to understand . . . .”

Happy Clients

Ernest, client.

“Without Mr. Baker I don’t know where I would be. Most likely I’d still be stuck without a resolution. I am very grateful for Mr. Baker’s help and professionalism. In my opinion he is definitely a godsend. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Baker to anyone seeking a great criminal defense attorney who knows his way around the courthouse and knows how to get things done!”

Morgana, client.

“Mr. Baker was very kind and helped me through the whole process. He got my case dismissed because I was wrongfully arrested and he believed me from the beginning. Brilliant attorney, highly recommend.”

Davina, client.

“In my family’s book, Mr. Baker is the best lawyer out here in Stanislaus County that actually does his job right.”

Marcia, client.

“Mr. Baker is a brilliant thinker and to be quite honest is the kind of attorney that I believed only existed in movies. He is dedicated and committed, and believes in his clients. He eased any fears I had and reassured me when I was in doubt. He will go the extra mile and he is so easy to talk to. I hold him in high regard.”