Serious & Violent Felonies

If you are charged with the commission of a serious or violent felony (sometimes known as a “strike”), not only is there a risk of lengthy imprisonment, but a conviction for a strike offense can never be removed from your record.  Throughout his career, Mr. Baker has used his skill and experience to help prevent many people charged with serious or violent felonies from serving a lengthy prison sentence and being burdened with a permanent “strike” on their record.

An allegation of a prior strike conviction can double the potential sentence for a new felony and in some cases can even subject a defendant to a penalty of life in prison.  Many attorneys will simply accept the validity of a prior strike allegation, but at the Law Office of Martin Baker we know that prior strikes are often improperly alleged and, on many occasions, we have had such charges removed after identifying the error and bringing it to the court’s attention.